1. How to use CoPayRx?

There are several ways to find manufacturer CoPay Assistance. 
a. Type name of Product in the Search Field
b. Select Category to see list of products that we found.
c. Select Alphabetical Product list of products we found.

2. What if my product is not listed? 

There may be an offer available, but not listed here. Please let us know (info@copayrx.com)  and we will search to see if one is available. Another option is to use our savings program to help lower the retail price. Prices may vary depending upon pharmacy visited.

3. What is the Uninsured Savings Program?

This is not insurance and not intended as a Substitute for insurance. Family member can use as well as prescriptions for pets. The savings is available from participating pharmacies. Cardholders can save upwards of 75% on prescription drug purchases at over 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. Savings may vary. 

No-cost to join, instant activation and easy-to-use benefits. Just present the savings info to your pharmacist. 

4. What if the price is still too high after using the manufacturers savings or uninsured savings card. Do you have to purchase the prescription?

No. You are not obligated to purchase anything. If after running the savings programs the cost of the medication is outside the price your willing to pay, then you may request not to fill it and take your prescription back.

5. Does this site/app provide a diagnosis or treatment? 

No. What is provided here is a link to manufacturer patient assistance savings. We advise you to seek proper medical attention and talk to your healthcare provider.

6. Why won't the Copay Card Print? 

Some Cards may not print from within our site. There is an open to open up the manufacturer site and apply from there. Same applies when using a mobile device to search.

Please get in touch with us with any concerns or questions you have at: info@copayrx.com